About Us

A Few Words

Our Mission

“The Child Safety Academy was established against the dark background of the disturbingly high occurrence of Crimes committed against CHILDREN”.

To strive passionately to achieve the goals set out by:
• The Children’s Act 38 of 2005 of SA
• The Child Justice Act of 2008 of SA
Every child has the right to life,safety,food,sleep,education and care.
The Academy offers excellent and affordable Child Safety training courses for members of the public,who will act as (Independent) Child Safety Instructors.
Perfect For
SA Schools (Pre-School institutions as well) Domestic workers Parents Single mothers Au pairs
This is an excellent opportunity for :

- Matriculants
- Job-seekers with a passion for Children
- Housewifes who need an extra income !
Price: R 4995,00

- Theoretical training
- Self-defense training
Limited positions are available for the Western Cape. Don't delay: Apply today ! (Terms and conditions apply)