Training Course


Learn about child safety

• Mental health habits
• Healthy eating
• Types of Child abuse
• Creating a safe environment
• Child Safety-all categories
• Child Trafficking
• Alcohol and drugs
• Psychological profiles
• Bully-proof your child
• Creating champions
• Leadership development
• Effective Marketing
• Secrets of good presentations
• Backup and Support

Self Defense

Children need to be educated on how to prevent violent situations, as well as action plans on how to defend themselves and others

• Best possible self-defense training
• Certificate will be issued

First Aid

In case of emergency, we'll teach you how to save a life

Parents and children have to be educated on how to apply life saving actions and procedures in cases of medical emergencies.

Drug Awareness

Parents and children have to know the devestating effects of drugs on themeselves, the family and the whole community.

Drug-abuse is the single most important social evil among our children today that needs to be addressed by means of proper education (children and parents).


Domestic Workers

Domestic workers need to be well educated with regards to all the dynamics concerning child safety at home.